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Several Powerpoint Design Templates with a UW Oshkosh theme are available for download


Here is the presentation I use in the Basics workshop on the effective use of Powerpoint.
It contains a complete narrative in the Notes window.

The above presentation as a narrated Flash file (12 minutes)

I gave a longer presentation on effective use of Powerpoint at Platteville on August 23, 2001.

Click here to download a zipped file of the entire presentation, (23.5 MB.) fonts, movies, graphics files and all. 23.5 MB.

You'll need a zip utility like WinZip or MacZip to unzip this file. I've had some problems with Powerpoint reconnecting to the movies and the object movie won't work at all in Powerpoint 2000 (Windows), but you can view it with the Quicktime player. (It doesn't include the movie on imaging, that would be another 70 MB)

Click here to download just the Powerpoint presentation. (3.9 MB). The links to the movies will be missing. Just cancel if Powerpoint asks to find them. It will also replace the font "Footlight" with "Times" which might make things look a little different.

Click here to download a "six slides on a page" handout in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) (It's only 2.8 MB)


The handouts

Below are the handouts and tutorials I've prepared for Powerpoint training sessions.

The handouts are in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read them.You can download it free from Adobe.

PowerPoint basics - the basic definitions of how to create a presentation in PowerPoint and insert graphics.
For Office 2007 and 2008
(3.1 MB) now including inserting digital images
For Office XP,X and 2004 (1.9 MB)
For Office 2000 and 2001 (1.7 MB)
For Office 97 and 98 (880K)

Most of the functions described i9n the following handouts work pretty much the same in 2007 and 2008 except the location of the commands is different.

Modifying the master - Customizing your presentations by changing the background, modifying the master slide, and creating your own templates
For Office XP, X and 2004 (784K)
For Office 2000 and 2001 (852K)
For Office 97 and 98 (680K)

Using the drawing tools - using the drawing tools to create your own graphics and to modify imported graphics
All versions previous ot 2007(860K) Developed for Office 2000 and 2001, but although there are cosmetic changes in the appearance of some of the tools, the basic functionality is the same.

Sequencing - creating graphic sequences and sequential presentation of text.
For Office XP and 2004 (1 MB)
There are new functions in Office XP that will not work if played back in earlier versions or in the free downloadable player.
For Office 2000, 2001 and OSX (636K)
For Office 97 and 98 (444K)
The powerpoint file with the graphics that are referred to in the handout (28K) is available for download.

Action settings and interactivity
creating interactive presentations by setting up actions which occur when an object is clicked on.
All versions. previous to 2007(608K)

Inserting & modifying scanned or digital camera images - preparing picture files for use in presentations and how you can modify them once they are inserted.
For Office 2007 and 2008 (3.1 MB) Now included as part of the Basics handout

For Office XP, X and 2004 (2.1 MB)
For Office 2000, 2001, 97 and 98 (752K)
A powerpoint file with examples of how resolution affects image quality (176K) is available for download
See also my Digital Imaging Page

Using Multimedia - inserting and recording sounds and inserting movies, and making sure linked files are available for playback.
All versions previous to 2007 although these functions work exactly the same way except the locations of the buttons to insert movies and sounds are a little different. (524K)

Recording Narration and upload it to Titanfiles.
All versions. How to record narration to a Powerpoint presentation which will then playback automatically and sharing these files with other users via Titanfiles

Charting -using Microsoft Graph to draw graphs from data. This utility is shared by PowerPoint and Word, and the graphing functions of Excel work in a similar fashion.
All versions previous to 2007(1.1 MB)

Creating a Single Web Graphic - If you need charts, maps or other kinds of graphics on the web, you can create them in PowerPoint and export them as GIF or JPEG files. A key idea is to change the size of the PowerPoint "slide" so it's the size you want the graphic to be.
All versions previous to 2007(510K)

You can download a single file with all the sections for Office XP, X, and 2004. (6.6 MB) You can purchase a printed copy on line for $7.56 at lulu.com.