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UW Oshkosh templates

Here are several Powerpoint Design Templates with a UW Oshkosh theme.

Note: In order to use the template, you can just double click on it or use the Open command from inside Powerpoint. It will open as a new untitled document. In order to show up in the list of Design Templates in Powerpoint, these have to be stored in a particular folder on your computer. After downloading one of these files, double click on the icon and it will open as a new, untitled document. If you wish to have it appear on your list of templates, Select save from the file menu and choose Design Template from the Files of type menu at the bottom of the dialogue box. The directory will automatically change to your design template directory.

Click on the image to view a larger image.

Click on the filename to download the document. If you are using Internet Explorer, select Save in the dialogue box which appears.

If you have trouble downloading individual templates, click here to download a zip file with all eight templates.

download Blackmarble.pot

download Embossedlogo.pot

download Oviattphoto.pot

download Oviattgraphic.pot

download Labnotebook.pot

download Bluebasic.pot

download Autumncolors.pot

download ScriptOshkosh.pot